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Go wireless

Mobile networks provide fast and reliable deployment of your remote terminals.​ Bypass the requirements of fixed wire connections using a reliable and secure mobile network as a service powered by Vcomms.

Wireless Simplicity

Resilient and secure mobile networks designed to be managed less.

Wireless Access Point Installation

Network as a Service

Vcomms Network as a Service (NaaS) is designed to provide our customers with the ease of setup and deployment of their remote terminals. This exists because they use Vcomms readymade network specifically designed to leverage our pre-existing Mobile Carrier Network infrastructure

Vcomms Cosmos

Cosmos is a robust and highly available computing core combined with Vcomms Edge Devices that are specifically designed to create reliable connectivity over Mobile Carrier Networks. Vcomms customers can concentrate on their core business, no longer building costly networks for connectivity.

ATM keypad

A Wireless Machine to machine (M2M) communications network

Vcomms uses Amazon Web Service PCI-compliant cloud to deploy the Viper Platform Server infrastructure. Viper Remote Units (VRUs) are deployed in remote machines such as ATMs or smart safes.

VRUs are provisioned with Global SIMs that provide access to Vodafone's Global M2M Platform capability; including worldwide network coverage through Vodafone-owned networks and roaming partners.

Viper Remote Unit

Designed for TCP/IP equipped financial machines

VRUs connect your remote machines to host environments (on-prem or as a service) via wireless LTE/4G, 3G and 2G networks and wired internet. Using a mobile-connected network helps our customers reduce the strain on our customers' existing infrastructure. VRUs provide easy deployment on new and existing machines, removing the need for costly investment in setup and operations and reducing maintenance and network management costs.


Over 20 years specialising in wireless IP solutions

Vcomms vision focuses on providing reliable connectivity solutions in the financial industry. Vcomms established the Viper Platform to deliver our objectives of a more advanced and secure technology to connect IP-capable terminals.

Vcomms designs, develops and manufactures the hardware and software components to ensure the highest quality of our products and services.

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